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What are the common problems with the wet curtain system? How to install?

Time:2019-07-12     Author:Shandong Zouping Shengyuan Paper Co., Ltd.

common problem:

(1) The wet curtain is installed downward at the sewage pipe of the lateral sewage pipe.

The downward installation of the downstream outlet leads to two consequences, one is that it is easy to block, and the other is to make the water separation plate useless. When the wet curtain starts, it will affect the uniformity of the water flow and thus affect the cooling effect.

2 The wet curtain horizontal pipe is not flat.

Uneven horizontal pipe will cause the wet curtain paper to soak at different times, affecting the cooling effect; the lower horizontal pipe will cause the wet curtain paper to store water after use, and the wet curtain paper will rot after long-term soaking.

3 The water circulation system is not closed.

The air in the chicken house is dirty, the dust is large, the summer flies are many, the water source is easily polluted, the water circulation system is blocked, and the pipeline connection can be used as much as possible. The shielding window or the pipeline partition can not be used for sealing treatment.

(4) The wet curtain sewage pipe is fully fixed and closed for installation.

This method of installation has buried many hidden dangers for future maintenance. When the sewer pipe is blocked, it is difficult to disassemble and clean.

There is no filter on the upper water pipe.

The diameter of the lower nozzle is generally 2 mm, which is not easy to block when the water quality is not guaranteed, and is also likely to cause clogging of the wet curtain paper.

_ Wet curtain paper joints are not tightly installed.

The wet curtain paper naturally shrinks when immersed in water, the longitudinal splicing affects the ventilation effect, the horizontal splicing sinks, and the wet curtain paper is separated from the upper metal frame.

_ Wet curtain fixing device is attached to the wet curtain paper.

When the wet curtain begins, the water flow follows a fixed stream, causing moisture loss.

Correct installation of the wet curtain system

When assembling, the seams of the wet curtain paper should be compacted to ensure a tight connection. The sewage pipe of the horizontal sewage pipe at the upper end of the wet curtain should be installed upwards. At the same time, the installation of the upper and lower water pipes of the wet curtain should be considered for future maintenance, preferably semi-open installation. When installing, the upper water pipe should be equipped with a filter, and the wet curtain horizontal water pipe should be pulled to the ground level. The fixing device of the wet curtain should not be attached to the wet curtain paper, and the entire water circulation system should be sealed after installation.

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