Product advantages
Our company uses advanced technology and equipment, using domestic and foreign high-quality raw materials, and the production of experienced paper production staff, the quality and performance of special paper products to meet the requirements of domestic and foreign customers. The company has two series of products: one is absorbent and impregnated kraft paper, among which the wet curtain base paper can produce a variety of color products, widely used in ventilation and cooling equipment, belonging to energy-saving and environment-friendly products; the second is wet strong white kraft paper, in which seams Paper is used in the field of architectural decoration at home and abroad. The company's products are recognized by customers and have a high reputation. Now it has more than 100 customers at home and abroad.


Service advantage
Companies adhering to the principle that customers are God, dedicated to customer service, to meet customer requirements, tailor-made products for customers; the company has a number of marketing staff, always keep in touch with customers, the company has offices in large areas, at any time for Customer service; the company has a smooth domestic and international distribution system, can undertake a variety of bulk orders.


Company advantage
Equipment operation
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Address:Jiaoqiao Town, Zouping County, Binzhou City, Shandong Province, China
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